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Curly Leaf Pondweed

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The lake was treated for weed control and muck-buster (2 of 3 treatments) on Thursday, July 20.  This involived shoreline weed and algae treatments as needed, and muck-buster in the usual places.  None of the undeveloped shoreline was treated. 

(Click here to download a copy of the July 19 treatment map.)

The final treatment for 2017 was Tuesday, September 12.  This treatment was very similar to the July treatment, with special focus on Muck Buster and a persistent nuisance weed patch near the south shoreline. 

(Click here to see a copy of the Sept. 12 treatment map.)

Fall 2017 water quality samples have also been recently acquired.  Water quality reports will be available sometime in November.   See report from Nov. 2016 below.

(Click here to see a copy of the 2016 Water Quality Report.)

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Photo of Curly Leaf and Eurasian Water Milfoil growing together May 2013.

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2017 Weed Treatments

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Fishing Club Newsletter

September 2017

On June 9th a Bio-Base Survey was completed by Savin Lake Services.  The purpose of this survey is to map the bottom contours and bottom composition of the lake.  Most importantly it maps the location and density of all weed beds as a benchmark for future reference an assessing overall health of our lake.

(Click here to download a copy of the Bio-Base Survey.)

Our lake was treated for weeds on Thursday morning, June 15.  This treatment involved Eurasian Water Milfoil & Curly Leaf Pondweed and treatments along the developed shoreline.  This is our third year of the five year Special Assessment District for weed control on Henderson Lake (2015-2019).

In total 3 acres of EWM and 5 acres CLPW were treated by Savin Lake Services.  All was in the south bay.

Treatments along the developed shoreline involved mostly algae control and a muck-buster enzyme in a strategy to reduce the worst muck, therefore weeds which grow in the muck.  None of the undeveloped shoreline was treated.

The muck-buster enzyme is intended to reduce the levels of decaying vegetation (muck), thereby reducing weed growth and hopefully reduce the need for weed control treatments.

(Click here to see a copy of the June 15th treatment map.)

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Welcome to Henderson Lake in Lupton, Michigan

Eurasian Water Milfoil

Our efforts toward control of the Eurasian Water Milfoil are working. We can't take our eyes off the sights.